Friday, July 8, 2016

Final RE Appointment!

At the beginning of June, we had our last appointment with Dr. G. We have spent the greater part of the past 3 years at this clinic. There were many times when we thought we'd never "graduate". There were even more moments when I allowed the deep, dark depths of infertility to swallow me. Guess what infertility?? You LOSE. I've given you over 5 years of my life. My marriage has been tested. I've lost friendships. I've missed out on special moments in the lives of those I love. My emotional stability was non-existent at times. These are my scars though, and although I hate the pain infertility has inflicted on us, I am somehow stronger because of it. Each and every time I see our little miracle twisting and turning on the ultrasound screen, all I feel is love <3.

We are so blessed and cannot wait to hold our precious girl in December!!!