Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Transfer Day ~ April 7, 2016

This is our 5th transfer. Although my heart is guarded, it's safe to say I'm trying my best to be optimistic.

Nervous excitement pumped through me on the way to the doctor's office. Once we went back into the transfer room and I saw that gorgeous embryo on the screen, tears streamed down my cheeks. This has to work. In our 5 years of TTC, we've never had a positive pregnancy. FIVE YEARS and no positives. This has to work. Our embryo has a perfect environment to thrive in. This has to work. 


You know what's worse than the tww?? A tww where you are trying your best to not text your GC every few hours asking how she's feeling or if she has any symptoms beside those from the PIO. Trying not to act like a complete psycho is incredibly tough and nearly impossible for me, especially because I'm such a control freak.

This is by far the WORST tww I've endured. Period.

Beta is scheduled for April 21st. This has to work. 


  1. Oh wow I so need to know what happens here!! haha

  2. Oh my gosh. Dying over here.

  3. Oh gosh! I so remember how hard it was to keep my crazy tucked in during that 2ww with my GC. And ultimately, we lasted about 4 days before we tested. Turns out she was as crazy as I was. :)