Monday, June 13, 2016

~Thursday, April 21, 2016~

Heavy rain resulted in some serious flooding which meant I had this entire week off. Can you believe I actually WANTED to work? There's just something about 80+ kids having a way of keeping you incredibly distracted. I banked on work keeping my mind occupied, rather then picking apart any minuscule symptom our GC has [or hasn't] had.

SO, I originally hadn't planned on going to the doctor's office for the beta only because getting subs as the school year comes to a close is more and more difficult. However, because I had an unplanned week of vacation, I decided to meet our GC for the blood test and a quick meeting with Dr. G. I was incredibly early and as each minute passed I thought I was going to lose my breakfast. I've never been more nervous. My stomach was in serious knots and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Road closures due to the flooding caused our GC to run a bit late, which didn't help my nerves. Once she finally arrived, I went with her while they did the BW and then we waited to see Dr. G. Honestly, it was a silly meeting because he didn't say anything I haven't heard before... Beta above 5 means we are pregnant, progesterone and estrogen will continue, blah, blah blah. On our way out, I asked the nurse how long the results typically take and she said about an hour depending on how busy the lab is. Perfect, getting home would only take a half hour.

About 10 minutes from getting home, my phone rang. I completely flipped out. How could they be calling ALREADY?!?! With my heart about to beat out of my chest, I nervously answered. The nurse asked for me, and then said the best thing I have ever heard. "SHE'S PREGNANT!" I instantly lost it, full on sobbing, couldn't talk. Beta was 865. She said our GC would have to go in Monday for an US and BW. I thanked her, hung up, and couldn't dial my husband fast enough. I literally screamed when he answered.

Thank you all for your kindness, support, love, and prayers. It still feels surreal and we haven't had a smooth couple of months, but baby is doing very well and growing on schedule! I'll write a completely up to date post later this week :)


  1. Yayyyyyyy! I can't wait to catch up! I'm so, so, SO excited for you, Sarah!

  2. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!! I am thrilled for you!!

  3. Yay! The suspense is killing me. Although I figured this was the outcome. Or there wouldn't be an elongation of the deets. Girl. You're killing me!

  4. Oh my gosh! SO excited for you guys!! Praying that all goes well!!