Friday, May 27, 2016

March 2016

I apparently forgot what FET prep actually consisted of and the length of time involved.

Once the contract was a go, the doctor put our GC on Lupron for 2 weeks before she could begin Estrace. After 2 weeks of both Lupron and Estrace, the doctor had her come in for a Pre-Op for the FET and to receive instructions for the transfer. Unfortunately, this appointment fell on one of the very few days I cannot be out of the classroom so I wasn't able to go with her.

We received the Pre-Op instructions at the end of March and the transfer was scheduled for early April!


excitement. fear. anxiousness. although these emotions are far from new, I cannot help being swallowed by each of them. sometimes individually, other times all at once. with 2 embryos left, my fear is forcing me to think about the what ifs...

what if the embryo doesn't survive thawing? 

what if the transfer doesn't yield a positive pregnancy?  or what if NEITHER embryo yields a positive pregnancy?

although a part of me believes it's unfair to think of these scenarios, infertility has robbed me of optimism and guarding my heart keeps me from getting too far into the depths of the dreams I had so long ago.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

January & February 2016

January consisted of Estrace and a sample of our GC's lining being sent to Yale for the EFT. Not incredibly exciting, but still, more progress.

At the end of January, the nurse called me saying our GC was clear (YAY!) and she could call to make an appointment for baseline blood work (wait, WHAATTT, WE DON'T HAVE A CONTRACT YET!). I immediately emailed our lawyer explaining that we were at least 6 weeks out in regards to the transfer and it was imperative that we get the contract in place sooner rather than later. She had the draft ready for us and assured me that it "usually" takes 1-2 weeks to settle. 

1-2 weeks my rear-end. Like I said before, always at the mercy of others.... 

Question- in some (not all) professions, isn't it necessary to do work after hours? I teach from the hours of 8 AM to 3:45 PM, so when is it that I am able to plan, grade papers, answer parent emails, make copies, and prepare for the following days/weeks? THAT WOULD BE AFTER SCHOOL IS OVER. No, not all the time, but I actually TEACH my kids and often have to use the hours after they leave to fulfill my duties and responsibilities as an educator. Ok, off my soapbox! 

By the end of February, the contract was finally in place and Lupron shots began.

... stay tuned my friends...