Friday, April 29, 2016

November & December 2015

**Disclaimer: Over our 4 1/2 years of enduring infertility, one thing that will never change is how much we are at the mercy of doctors, nurses, embryologists, psychologists, lawyers, and so on. Throughout the first months of our Gestational Surrogacy process, we experienced a great deal of frustration due to a lack of communication between some of the "professionals" mentioned above. I firmly believe the months of November and December would have proceeded much more quickly if certain individuals would have just done their part without my incessant calling and emailing. 
Lazy human beings are no contest for my sass :) 

November and December were filled with meetings with our doctor, conference calls with the lawyer (it was nearly impossible to find times all 3 of us were available to talk, especially because she didn't make herself available after 5 PM, like ever), psych evaluations, and meetings with the psychologist both as a couple and with our GC.

Once our GC was cleared by the psychologist, and after one of the above mentioned individuals decided to do their job, she was able to have a consult with Dr. G and soon after completed all of her required testing.

December ended up being an emotionally draining month. My grandfather passed away and 2 days later, my nephew was born. I was able to fly to NY to spend time with my sister and nephew as well as be with my extended family to celebrate my grandfather's life. A week after I flew back to TX, we packed the car and drove to NY to celebrate the holidays with our families. Like I said, it was DRAINING!

During that time, we impatiently waited for our GC's test results and was told right after Christmas that she would be proceeding with a "mock cycle"/EFT in January. In preparation for the EFT, she would be taking Estrace. Estrogen levels would be monitored and she would then have a sample of her lining sent to Yale to test its function.

Progress AND a plan, finally! On to 2016!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

October 2015

...when your heart (not your expectation) drives your decisions...

The first match our lawyer brought forward was "perfect" (she had been a successful GC previously), cue in serious excitement. There was one catch though: she wasn't local. This frustrated us because we had strict criteria and although we budgeted for this next stage in our infertility journey, travel expenses were not part of that budget and we also knew Dr. G would not transfer his care to another doctor. We had to pass and the wait continued.

Fast forward to another match and when we finally met her, my expectations were at an all time high. I wanted to have an instant connection. I wanted to feel something. I wanted to just know.

Well ladies, when you have set the bar at an unrealistic height, you find yourself at a crossroads. We did not just know it was right. We talked, a lot. We looked at our criteria again. She met every requirement. When we called our lawyer to give our decision, she asked this:

"Can you trust her with carrying your baby?"

The answer was an instant yes. Absolutely we could trust her, no question. In my heart, I knew she could provide us with the one thing I cannot.

No part of this process is simple and I never imagined it would be (jumping through hoops comes with the territory). Our GC is a selfless, compassionate soul and we couldn't be more thrilled to begin this next phase of our journey with her.

Monday, April 18, 2016


I abandoned my blogging both intentionally and unintentionally.

writing no longer seemed to help me cope with the chaos of infertility like it used to.

our journey finally began a new path that consumed me and blogging got pushed aside.

With that said, I have a need and desire to write again... so I've decided to go back... to October... when we finally chose our gestational surrogate.