Thursday, September 18, 2014

FET on the horizon.

by some miracle, my lining decided to plump up a bit. not much, but enough for Dr. G to schedule my transfer.

cautiously optimistic is the best way to describe my feelings about this particular FET. I wish my lining was thicker, but there's nothing that says this can't/won't work with a thin lining... especially because it's "normal". (whatever that means... I'm obviously still not convinced...)

it's been over a year since we did a transfer and I'm in an odd place right now. I'm betting that's the result of the fact that despite the crappy path that's led me here, there is some hope left.

now I'm mentally preparing for the PIO shots that are oh so fun. 


  1. Love hearing your lining is plumping up! I hope your transfer goes perfectly and wishing you the best with those dang shots!!! Thinking of and praying for you!!!

  2. When I was having trouble with my lining, my doctor said they used to not even check lining before an FET and that there really isn't much research on how thick it needs to be anyway. Don't overthink it, you're gonna do great!

    1. He wanted it at 6, his final measurement Wednesday was 7.1. He seems very unconcerned about it, which makes me feel better... it's just one factor I constantly worry about, but obviously shouldn't! Hope you are feeling well mama!! xo

  3. That's great about your lining!! You never know, it could be right where you need it. I'm sure after a year long break a transfer is a scary thing, praying and crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Oh Sarah! This is fabulous! I know that the lining is frustrating... I know from walking that journey with Suzanne that thin lining is about the most aggravating thing ever. JUST GROW ALREADY! But I'm so glad that Dr. G thinks you're ready to go! Thinking of you and hoping for wonderful news soon!

  5. So happy to hear your FET is a go. I know how hard it is to hear a less than stellar measurement. Just remind yourself of all those women who it didn't matter for much. The fact you're doing PIO is going to give your lining the most support it can get once the transfer is done, and that is really important too. Throwing tons of baby dust your way this go around!

  6. I'm so glad to hear the hope in your words!!!! Baby dust. Hoping for your BFP soon.