Tuesday, August 5, 2014

not cursing this day for once.

a year ago today, August 5th, 2013, was a horrible day. my BFN from our 2nd FET put a nasty shadow on an otherwise happy day. loathing in self pity wasn't exactly how I intended spending my birthday.

I'm quite surprised that although another year has passed and we are still not parents, I'm not cursing this day like I have been since I hit 30. this day has been a nasty reminder that I'm not where I planned on being... but plans never go as we intend now, do they?

what's changed my perspective? beats me. could be the little birdie [and by birdie, I mean Allison], reminding me that my time will come. thanks girl, love you lots :)


  1. I love your positive attitude. Never give up hope. Sending you positive thoughts, prayers, and baby dust!

  2. Happy happy birthday!!! So great that it wasn't like last year! Good things are coming your way this year :)

  3. I sure hope I can have this same positive attitude when my bday comes around. Holding on to hope is the only thing that keeps us strong and of course great support from those who have been through it.

  4. Awe, Alison is such as sweetheart. So glad you're in a state of peace...one that you can't even explain. I think that's the best place any of us can possibly be. Happy birthday beautiful! Hope you are celebrating YOU this week!