Sunday, August 24, 2014

lupron is the devil.

oh Lupron, you have gotten the best of me.

I'm only on day 12 but I feel like it's day 1,276. My body officially hates me. The headaches conveniently started when I went back to work this past week, which helps my productivity level immensely. This chick has no energy, which is really awesome considering I'll be teaching roughly 80 9-year olds beginning tomorrow.

The last week was hell... between the stresses that come with my job and experiencing quite a few side effects from the Lupron. I know stress isn't good right now, but I do not know how to manage it. I'm worried about this FET cycle, and to be honest, it'll be a damn miracle if it works.

scan is Wednesday... the Lupron better be doing its job.


  1. Oh that is not fun! I hope that you feel better soon and yes, that lupron better be doing its job!!! Looking forward to hearing some good news from you on Wednesday. Praying for you that this cycle works!!!

  2. Lupron is evil. I dislike it very much. We are not that far apart on our FET cycles. Wishing you the best of luck

  3. That sounds awful! I've never been on Lupron before, but I've heard of it's evil ways. Hopefully Wednesday goes well!!! xoxo