Tuesday, July 22, 2014

retrieval scheduled!

My retrieval is set for Thursday. FINALLY. I have 18 follicles. This is 3 more than our last cycle of IVF. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for more, but I'll take 18.

This cycle kicked my butt. I've experienced almost every side effect possible, not to mention the extreme bloating and discomfort. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is worth it.

I can't say I'm not nervous because I am. All of our embryos will be tested and then frozen. If I'm lucky enough to have at least 1 normal embryo, I'll start Lupron in prep for a transfer. Fingers crossed.

On a side note... yesterday was my...

I'm hoping this is forever!


  1. 18 sounds like a great number!! I hope you end up with more than 1 normal one :) I also hope everything goes smoothly with the the retrieval Thursday!

  2. Fantastic news!! 18 sounds like a great number! That's what my donor got and lots of times there are even more hiding! So I hope that's the case for you. Best of luck during your transfer and I hope you're right...last retrieval ever because this is going to bring your sweet baby home!! xoxo

  3. 18 sounds great! Hoping for healthy, mature eggs! Good luck with the retrieval!

  4. Your baby is somewhere in those 18!

  5. Oh, you will definitely have 1 normal embryo girl! That is a great spread of follies you've got there. So exciting!!

  6. I hope you have more normal embryos than you are expecting/hoping for!!! Good luck and hoping and praying for you!