Wednesday, May 21, 2014

my person.

So after watching the Grey's season finale last week, and the birth of my bestie's gorgeous baby girl on Monday, it made me think...

Back in the fall, my best friend become distant, distracted, and I knew something was wrong. Although our friendship began a mere 5 years ago, we had an instant connection and she's been my saving grace throughout my journey with infertility- always cheering me on and supporting me in every way possible. So, when I walked into her classroom that afternoon, and found her sobbing on the floor, I knew. I've never experienced someone hurting and so sad at the possibility of losing me as a friend. In the back of my mind, I always knew that it could happen, that she could become pregnant again and we wouldn't be able to share that special time together. I never imagined that someone could be so caring, so thoughtful, and so concerned about potentially hurting me. I didn't lie, it was difficult, but she was so selfless... never making a huge announcement at work, and played it down at all costs in an attempt to not hurt me.

Even though that moment of her and I sitting on her floor will forever be engrained in my memory, it's the texts that we exchanged that night and the days following. She said I was her person, and for those of you who don't watch Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey and Christina Yang have been friends since the season opener, and they are each other's "person".

Well Mer, you'll always be my person. You'll be my person when we someday have to live in different states, or even continents. You'll be my person in the delivery room with me when I finally beat this battle. You'll be my person forever. No one is as honest with me, as supportive, or as hopeful for my future as you are. For that, I love you, and cannot begin to imagine what my life would be like if you weren't in it. I'll forever be grateful for our friendship.

Who's your person?


  1. Aww please tell your friend I love her too! What a sweet friend you have! She is so special and rare to be so wonderful and supportive.

  2. You've got me all teared up now. My person is a friend named Tammy. She has been the one person to never say anything stupid or out of line. She just listens. She has been there every time we've have a failed IVF transfer, and with every pregnancy loss...showing up at my door with cookies, hugging me, and just being there. Like your friend, she had her second grandchild last year (she has 3 daughters as well), and she cried when she told me because it broke her heart that here she was expecting another grandchild, and we were still trying. It's very easy for all the women in her family, but witnessing all we've gone through has opened her eyes to how it is for some people, and she just really gets it! Do not know what I'd do without her. So happy you have a person you can count on too.

  3. Such a thoughtful post - she sounds like a wonderful person!