Friday, January 3, 2014

nutrition, crazy reading, and my 2 cents…

So, with another round of IVF on the horizon, I've decided it's time to take things a little more seriously as far as preparing my body and being as healthy as possible.

I had a long convo with my cousin the other day about diet and it made me a little angry at myself. We've spent THOUSANDS of dollars on fertility related junk for almost 3 years now and although we don't eat tons of processed or fast food, I haven't taken drastic measures and changed my eating habits to help things move along in the right direction. Now, I've done my share of acupuncture, taken my vitamins & supplements, have [tried] to reduce my caffeine intake (I love my Starbucks), and we definitely aren't party animals. All that clearly isn't enough though. My last RE didn't really monitor my diet or encourage me to improve it, and that is frustrating to me.  I realize they aren't nutritionists, but I've done everything else that's been suggested in an effort to increase our chances, so although this will be a challenge given my crazy obsession with food, I really wish I would have made an effort much sooner.

And onto my little rant…
*Disclaimer: The website I'm referencing is great, the author is another infertile, and other posts I've read are really good.* 
I've read A LOT over the past few days in regards to eating habits to improve fertility and I stumbled upon this article about causes of infertility from Baby Hopeful. None of the info was new to me and the author is obviously well-informed and used various websites/her own knowledge to comprise the list of causes but then, I read this:

I realize it says "My View", but I'm still a bit aggravated. Yes, I do consider myself very lucky that I don't suffer from PCOS, endo, or the slew of other creeps that cause infertility. However, I do fall in the "unexplained" category with a rather small percentage of other women. You know what? Since the beginning, all we BOTH have done is put ourselves through an insane amount of tests to find an answer. "Saving money" on testing is not a part of my vocabulary. Hell, if I wanted to save money, I certainly wouldn't be where I am right now, 3 years later (on RE #2), would I!? I realize that when you read posts, most, if not all, of what's written is opinionated (duh, that's what my blog is- MY opinions, thoughts, and ramblings). Still, I'm just annoyed. Man, I would LOVE to know why I can't get pregnant, really… I would! And while I'm ranting… the author of "Baby Expert" clearly hasn't seen my records because last time I checked, there is SOMETHING wrong with either one or both of us considering it's 3 years later and what do ya know, no baby!

When it's all said and done, regardless of a label, isn't the end goal for everyone the same? Ok, I'm off my soapbox now.


  1. You sound so motivated to clean things up even more and I can just sense a new space of encouragement growing around you. I love it! Go Sarah!

  2. Grrr... yeah, we're not infertile. Almost three years of trying, 4 picture perfect IUI's and only one pregnancy that lasted 2.4 seconds... what a dumb, dumb. Unexplained just means that the medical world only knows so much about the reproductive system, not that there isn't anything wrong!

    Good luck getting started with your diet changes! It has really pissed me off that none of me RE's (3 of them) have mentioned diet to me... not for increasing fertility, not for helping IVF, nothing. But I think it's a good choice! I have no idea if the changes I've made are making a difference, but I can honestly say I've done everything I could think of!

  3. I feel you! It can be so frustrating to not have an answer. I'm hoping the changes you are making are the answers and results you are looking for.

  4. Excited to hear about your diet changes!!! Hope you have success with the changes :)

  5. I can understand your frustration. Just because you haven't found the reason doesn't automatically mean you haven't spent money, time, tears, screams, effort, etc. to find out why. Sometimes you've gone as far as you can, and there's no freakin' rhyme or reason to all the hell. And girl, BTW, I need to have dinner at YOUR house. OMG, it looks like you and Emily make the BEST meals!

    1. Ha! Well, cooking with this new and improved frame of mind is quite challenging seeing my cabinets are FULL of gluten-laden items. I've been doing some recipes (with tweaks of course- I'm cray cray like that) from Made a blackened salmon with mango salsa on Sunday, it was so good!! Tonight is a chicken cobb salad… so stay tuned, I'll be challenged the most when the hubs is out of town and I don't wanna cook for 1!