Tuesday, October 8, 2013

thank you.

I just wanted to thank you ladies who take the time to not only read my [often] "woe is me" posts... but for also sending along your well wishes and words of encouragement. You make me feel like I'm not alone, and that my friends, is really big.

Also... baseline appointment with my new RE tomorrow. Let's hope for good news so I can start this test cycle and get some answers.


  1. Hope your appt goes well today!!

  2. Ohhh you can "woe is me" as much as you want, and we'll be here for you!!! You found a new RE?! Test cycle?! Exciting!!!

    1. I did find a new RE, and he's definitely an improvement from the previous doctor! I'm undergoing what he's calling "mapping"... so basically I'm taking estrogen and progesterone for a few weeks so they can perform [another] test on my lining. I'll post about later this week!

  3. Take two!!! ;)

    I hope your baseline went well so you can finally get those answers you need! And don't worry...we all need a few "woe is me" posts here and there.

    Happy weekend!! xo