Wednesday, July 17, 2013

here goes nothing!

After a very fun trip home to NY, I'm back! My sister-in-law's wedding was beautiful! She was as gorgeous as ever and we had the best time! I even got to show my husband up with my putt-putt skills. I keep telling him I'm ready to golf, now I think he believes me ;) Here are a few of my favorite pics that I snapped this past weekend. I was a serious picture nazi!


Kim & Daniel

So cute :)

And breaking news... I got the go ahead from my RE today!! Progesterone shots begin tonight! I will say that I would like to see my lining a little thicker (obviously, my RE would too). However, we have exhausted every experimental option to get it to the optimum thickness and Nate and I agreed that before this cycle began, we would give it all we've got. I've never been more excited to begin the progesterone, and that's saying a lot considering how awful awesome it makes me (and my rear feel). So, here goes nothing! 

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  1. Good luck, Sarah! I hope this is your cycle and the PIO shots don't hurt too bad. I'm scared to death of them.