Friday, July 12, 2013

funny :)

Staying with my family brings much needed comic relief. A little background info... My sister is at the ripe old age of 21, has a grown-up job, and (lucky her) is living rent-free at home with my parents. Now I, too, did the same after college. It didn't make much sense to live in an apartment when I was going to grad school full time and working. So, I truly believe she should take advantage of the situation until my parents kick her out (just kidding, but not really) or she can't handle living at home any longer, whichever comes first :) Now on to my story....

See this handy thing?

Well, my mom has a serious obsession with being clean (this explains A LOT about me!), and she LOVES to vacuum! My mom even likes to tidy-up at 10 PM with her Dyson cordless vacuum, so you can only imagine the words that left my sister's mouth when she heard this going on right outside of her bedroom door the other night. I have to say, my mom did this to me when I lived here at home, so it made it even funnier to hear my sister shout, "MOM! Are you kidding me right now?!? I'm trying to sleep, I have to get up in 7 hours!!!!" 

Few people make me laugh REALLY hard, but my family can instantly lift my spirits. It's like watching a real life Modern Family unfold right before my eyes... Well, ok, not quite. But, if you share the same love for the Dunphy clan as me, you can understand the level of humor that comes from my own crazy family :) 

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