Tuesday, July 9, 2013

double post... feeling fearful

So here we are again, about ready to hop on a plane to NY for my sister-in-law's wedding. Weddings = fun. Extended family members/friends asking questions about having babies = not fun TERRIBLE. This is what I dread about going home. On one hand, I fully accept responsibility for keeping our struggles to ourselves (but in all honestly, I fully feel it's our business and I haven't felt the need to air our infertile laundry to every person I come into contact with, family or not), and hey, I realize that I'm 30 and naturally, a baby is next. It's inevitable that people will ask, however I get serious anxiety about answering those impossible questions. Some days, I hype myself up and go over possible scenarios in my head with full intentions of putting my hands around your neck being on the rude side if you even mumble the phrase, "Just relax and it'll happen!". I also have no interest in you telling me that "so and so" tried for x amount of months and "struggled", but then, BOOM! PREGGO! Newsflash- it's not happening that way for us! 

God grant me the serenity and patience to get through the next week. I love being with my family and want to enjoy spending this quality time with them.


  1. Love reading all your post!! I know things are going to be perfect this weekend...and I KNOW good things are going to happen! If anyone deserves them, it is YOU! Have I ever told you, you should be a writing teacher?? xxoo love you!