Thursday, July 4, 2013

a different approach?

Now that this cycle is in full swing, I've quickly realized that my outlook is A LOT different. But then again, in many ways, it should be... 

1. We've had to cancel 2 cycles since January due to my immune system taking a serious nose dive, and then again because too much estrogen broke down my uterine lining. When we only have 2 frozen embryos left, it's not worth it to "give it a shot" if things aren't optimal. The progesterone shots are awful enough, I'm not physically ready for another IVF cycle just yet. 
2. The biopsy that I had as a result of the most recent cancelled cycle revealed no abnormalities, phew.
3. It's summer, I am most definitely less stressed because of that fact alone. Who doesn't get a mood boost from a little sun-kissed glow?? 
4. Whether it's all in my head or it really is helping, the acupuncture is something I truly look forward to every week. I've handled stressful situations differently over the past months, which is something to celebrate in itself. It's no secret that I'm a pretty high-strung individual! 
5. I've cut back on my social media obsession. Any infertile can agree with me that Facebook is the devil when you are TTC and a pregnancy update is posted daily. I still love Instagram though... just because someone follows me, doesn't mean I have to follow them! 
6. Writing is my new therapy... I suppose it's about time that I take my own advice considering I am a writing teacher!

Each day is different... sometimes I surprise myself with my optimism, and other days I find it difficult to get off the couch. But I do know that I have hope, and my courage [albeit small at times] does exist.  

Hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July! I'll be lounging in the pool with a strawberry mojito in my hand ;) 

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  1. Just found your blog.. I look forward to following your journey :) What is your istagram? no need to follow back :P